This week the assignment is a pop of color. Make it bright! Show me your pop of color.



Week 4 assignment: HAPPINESS

This one is open to interpretation. Photograph a happy person or maybe photograph what makes you happy. Maybe happiness is a thing or a person. It’s up to you.

Take 1 photo, take 100. Come back Saturday and post it in a comment as a reply to the assignment post. I love seeing what everyone sees. There’s no wrong way to interpret these. Just have fun!


Week 3 assignment: movement

If you have a photo for last week, or any week, go ahead and post it in the comments on Facebook at any time.

This weeks theme is MOVEMENT. Maybe your subject is moving, maybe you’re moving. Just capture movement and post it on the Facebook page on Saturday.


Project 52 – week 2 assignment QUIET

Have you ever looked at a picture and just know that it was really quiet? Like a picture of snow…you know that sound? That’s the theme this week.


Interpret it how you see it. Keep in mind the topics are meant to inspire and motivate you and there is no wrong way to shoot the theme. I love seeing how everyone sees the theme. And what’s great is, you can go back at any time and post on the FB page more pictures on any previous theme. So keep shooting! But this week…shhhh!



Week 1 assignment: Signs of Spring

Spring is here. At least on the calendar. Now see if you can see any. Flowers, birds, frogs. Use your camera, iPhone or even your iPad. Get out there! Come back to Facebook next Friday and post your shots. Shoot 1, shoot 100. Just shoot.


My 2nd wedding was as co-photographer with Melissa Daughters. This one was hard in that it was FREEZING cold, muddy and dark. The bride didn’t care for my photos in the way they were edited. I tried to give them a soft feel, but she thought they looked blurry. It was a beautiful wedding and I did my best to provide them with lovely memories. Johnson-Clark 130 Johnson-Clark 161 Johnson-Clark 184 Johnson-Clark 220 Johnson-Clark 241 Johnson-Clark 260 Johnson-Clark 346 Johnson-Clark 384_edited-1 Johnson-Clark 480


My first wedding was for my best friend’s daughter. I was a co-photographer to the very talented Melissa Daughters. You should check out MKDaughters Photography on Facebook.

Here’s a sample of photos from that first wedding.

DSC_0157 DSC_0216 DSC_0245 Samantha and Jeff 020 copy_edited-1 Samantha and Jeff 112-1_edited-1 Samantha and Jeff 133 Samantha and Jeff 143_edited-1 Samantha and Jeff 149_edited-1 Samantha and Jeff 339 Samantha and Jeff 348 Samantha and Jeff 360 Samantha and Jeff 365 Samantha and Jeff 430 Samantha and Jeff 435BW_edited-1 Samantha and Jeff 444 Samantha and Jeff 448_edited-1 Samantha and Jeff 469_edited-1 Samantha and Jeff 486 Samantha and Jeff 515 Samantha and Jeff 552BANDW_edited-1 Samantha and Jeff 559 Samantha and Jeff 635 Samantha and Jeff 676_edited-1


I haven’t been able to post much lately and I promise I have a good reason why. I just can’t tell you yet. But the weekly posts are on my facebook page so join us over there!

Weather (10-15 to 10-21)

It was a great week for weather shots. We had wind, rain, hail, and sun. There was a little bit of something for everyone.

No participation this week so enjoy my photos instead.

Check me out on facebook to follow along. Each Monday a new theme is posted. And you can always email your pictures at any time to me at jenbonstein@gmail.com


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