(me and Uncle Ted)
I’m interrupting this Project 365 to talk about photos. I know, boring. But really let’s talk about photos. I like to think that I am expanding my ability with this project but another project I am working on is to scan all of my parents printed photos.
I can’t even begin to tell you how great this has been. Not only does it take me back to vacations with my family, but I’m seeing that not every picture needs to be this awesome posed shot. Heck, not even a great candid shot is necessary. There is so much more to these photos then just what’s in the picture.

These pictures show me what everyone used to look like. It shows my parents house and how it used to be. I’m reminded of vacations I thought I had forgotten about, a dress I forgot I used to wear all the time because it was similar to one my mom owned. It reminded me of an embarrassing crush I had on my Uncle Ted.

These photos aren’t just photos, they are memories of me and my family.

And the best part? Technically speaking they are crappy pictures. There’s lots of fuzzy ones, there’s some of me and my brother where Jason’s head is cut off. There’s a lot where the subject is off to one side. And yet, I smile at each one of these photos.

I normally overly critical of my photos. If it looks fuzzy, I delete it. I try to make my candid shots better composed, but in reality, when Carley is older and wants to remember her first vacation she isn’t going to give a crap about any of that. She’s going to look at what I look at…the people, the places and the feelings it brings back just simply by looking at it.

Photos aren’t just well-composed portraits, they are someone’s memories.

Maybe I’m just a sentimental softie, but scanning these pictures has been one project I am so glad I took on.


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