Project 365 – COMPLETED

Whew! I can’t believe I’m finally some. It was fun, mostly. I had a good system early in the project in which is write the posts and then delay posting until the day I wanted. This was great because I could have a few queued up in case I was busy or couldn’t find a picture. But this was when I was using Blogger.

Sadly, about 6 months in I noticed that all my pictures were posting on to blogger blurry. If you clicked on the picture it would open clear but it was blurry in the blog. I hated that because if you’re trying to post pictures, having them blurry is not good.

I switched to this blog but I couldn’t find a good way to write a post and delay the posting of it. So sometimes I got behind.

I work full time, I have a kid and I have very little time to myself so I found that I would get really behind and end up posting a succession of the same subject in pictures.

Did it improve my photography? Maybe. Was it fun? Definitely. Will I do it again? Unlikely.

But I think I will take a few weeks off an then start a project 52. A picture a week for a year. And this time I’ll give myself criteria for what to shoot that is open for interpretation).

I would love for you to do this too! Each Monday on my Facebook page (Jennifer Bonstein Photography) I will post a broad subject. You have until Sunday to post your picture on my wall. I would LOVE to see people participate.

For those who follow this blog, thank you. And now I will go rest…


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